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Main » 2011 » January » 19 » Interview with participant from "New Year" Tournament
Interview with participant from "New Year" Tournament

English version

Now we present an interview with a participant of "New Year" tournament, a representative of the clan RUKA, the owner of fourth place in the first tournament - Guron.

Greetings! smile


First question. What do you think about league? What do you suggest to edit/add?

I think that league is a good idea, which can promote the revival of AC. Finally interest to play occurred again. If first tournament was very little, the second one's grown impressively! The stars on behalf of Horse and Warrior.
There are ideas about improovment. I think it is necessary to alter system of tournament standings because for low-skilled it is insulting to be out of a tournament only after first stage. I think need to do groups where all can play, for example, 3 games.

It is good that you have ideas. We are ready to do them. First tournament(1 year ago) was held by this system and he interrupted after 1 week due to inactivity of some players. How do you think do we have to organise team tournament, for example, 2-2?

Yes, team tournament is a good idea! Also i think that teams don't have to be made from members of the clans. It is third thing to make clan challenge.

There aren't a lot of official clans on FB, so i think that need to make mixed teams (anyone can choose his partner), but there is problem of team quantity and also hard to gather when it is four player.

Yes, good idea. First of all, need to organise a little tournament. For example, four teams will play with each other. Also, four teams can be easily done now.

Agree, we can smile About tournament. How do you think, why did you lost to Crown? For example, with Russia.

With Russia I lost in economy. My weakest nation is Russia. When i started to build blockhouses, I had less cavalery and all my blockhouses were destroyed, and I started to loose in population. By the way, all you can see in records. About France. I just never played 1-1 with strong players and forgot how to play with this nation. I did upgrade on cavalery in fortress instead of build academy. It is awful. I hope in next tournament matches with Crown I will have good nations like Portugal or Spain, not France and Russia.

WIth Holland you played on high level. Actually Crown's stone where far away and loose in economy started there. About FBL rankings. I think all saw this ranking list. Do we need it?

I think that it is good thing, let it be.
Everything is fine, but need to do more surprises to players, so that interest did not fall down. Always need to do progress!

If in final will play Horse and Warrior, who will win in this duel and what score will be?

I think this question is main on tournament smile You know, I don't like bet. I think that players are worthy each other and all depends on map, minerals and territory. But I believe in Horse win and score will be 3-2. smile
If you will add indians I'm afraid that versus Warrior noone have chances to win, but with Europe all is possible when you play vs Horse and Warrior.

I also want intrigue, it is final smile How do you think, in what aspect you are better?( Economy, Unitcontrol, Speed )

I don't like to rate myself... Perhaps it is economy, but we will leave it to critics.

Do you like to play with 132 peasants in beginning or you prefer old rules?

I prefer old rules. When all played with neutrals i was young and weak player. And my active 3 years were just with 18 peasants and fog of war.

I agree with you, but all players are playing with 132 peasants on start and return all back to old rules doesn't see the point.

In past all were playing millions, because of hard rules on 1000. Starting to learn 1000 was very hard, but now we see a lot of players on 1000 and millions are less popular.

Do you have players in clan who could return into AC? Or all are playing in CoH?

Earlier i had straight contacts with Irokez, Unit][01 and SeregaRUSSIA. Now they are disappeared and on forum left people who don't play AC. So now no players who could return, except Horse, but i think that Irokez will appear in one day.

Irokez can make good competition. Do we have to make million tournament for diversity)

Yes, Irokez could add heat with Warrior) I think on millions won't be many players and I would like to participate in million tournament, but I'm not fan of the millions smile

What will be in future with AC?

I'm trying to live in present and I can say that everything is fine. If this will continue, AC will have future, but it isn't possible to reach big aims like in Cossacks.

Do we need a total count of medals and points of countries, as on the Olympics, World Cups, European Championships?

Yes, i think that this statistic could be placed in tournament, but i will repeat again that we need to improove and if players will see progress in project they will be more interested in it and won't run away from game smile

And the last question. What do you want to wish to other players?

I wish you great, strong battles and creative wins. Good luck all smile

Short and clear. Thanks for review. ;)

Thanks smile

Thanks for attention. We are waiting your comments smile

Category: Interviews | Views: 628 | Added by: Hawkind
Total comments: 7
nice interview) but there are some words on russian, remark it

yes, and a lot of mistakes biggrin too bad Russian language has different structure

I translated all myself and perhaps forgot to delete russian words.

realy a nice interview cool

I prefer old rules. But I hadn't chance to play with neutrals. I was very weak player, but with 18 peasants and fog on i feel better. More tactics and strategies.

omg! i said that when all played with neutrals i was young weak player. And my acive 3 years were just with 18 p. and fog of war.

Correct please!!:)

good interview my friend! this has actually restarted the game to the happiness of all the older players! A team tournament would be a great idea!


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