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One and a half a year has passed when our modest company decided to organize first unofficial tournament in the game-strategy American Conquest version 1.50. For now on, two tournaments has finished successfully and I'm sure, participants wait for a next one, which should be more entertaining and indicative. Just because, there will be not two, but four players and undoubtedly greater than one front (what we saw in almost all 1v1 battles). Furthermore, the championship should become more challenging because skills of the top players won't be enough for win, there are a lot more other factors of success when you play in teams. What are they? We will see... In this case, you should be anxious about not only economy and troops control but also something else, what your mind could think of(I mean creati ... Read more »
Category: Reviews | Views: 482 | Added by: elizabeth | Date: 06.02.2011 | Comments (1)

In first 1000 10pt tournament participated 8 players with various skill. In tournament were two favourites on behalf of Mihael and Law. I think all players were expecting final Law - Mihael, but it didn't happen. First stage ( 1/4 ) finished without surprises and there weren't any T/Ds(Technical defeat). The most interesting match was between Guron and FidelCastr0. The meeting was hard for both participants, the skill of opponents is the same, but in the end Guron won by T/D or 2:1. Second stage ( 1/2 ) finished unpredictable. First semi-final finished quickly with Mihael victory, but the second semi-final was tough. Rasim haven't played for very long time, but hi still is good. When I was watching the ... Read more »

Category: Reviews | Views: 561 | Added by: Hawkind | Date: 24.11.2010 | Comments (3)

First competition, first experience.

First tournament is succesfully FINISHED.
Some Fight Back fans, most likely, remember the unsuccessful end of the Elizabeth&Hawkind's first attempt to organise a tournament between FB players. There was a serious issue with some players activity and, as a result, almost a half of all matches has not been finished, therefore we decided to leave the idea on the bookshelf.
As the shelf became dusty, we decided to try again this September. We did some work on our past mistakes and initially everything was excellent until that moment when some players slowly started to vanish. It seemed that we have walked twice into the same water. Has not been without some unfinished matches, so there were a nece ... Read more »
Category: Reviews | Views: 729 | Added by: elizabeth | Date: 24.11.2010 | Comments (5)

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