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Main » 2010 » November » 24 » Little review about first tournament
Little review about first tournament

In first 1000 10pt tournament participated 8 players with various skill. In tournament were two favourites on behalf of Mihael and Law. I think all players were expecting final Law - Mihael, but it didn't happen. First stage ( 1/4 ) finished without surprises and there weren't any T/Ds(Technical defeat). The most interesting match was between Guron and FidelCastr0. The meeting was hard for both participants, the skill of opponents is the same, but in the end Guron won by T/D or 2:1. Second stage ( 1/2 ) finished unpredictable. First semi-final finished quickly with Mihael victory, but the second semi-final was tough. Rasim haven't played for very long time, but hi still is good. When I was watching the third, at one moment I thought that Law would win, but he lost his all gold and didn't make it, also he hadn't coal, so <150 horses were useless and this meant that Rasim got victory. Third stage or final finished quickly, where Mihael just won 2:0 Rasim( third game Rasim could not play because of technical problems). Nothing special happened. Now lets go to the repachege stages. Repachages were most boring stages in tournament, because players became  inactive. Repechage finished with 3 T/Ds, which is a lot for a first :(. For the third place met Law and Guron. Third place games were more interesting than final. The economic level was same. In first game(holland), Guron played in attacking style and this brought him victory. Next games Law decided to play active and always attacked, but Guron chose more defensive style. Third game was same as the second, where Law won Guron by active tactic.

Tournament has finished predictable on 80%. I can say only one thing - play aggressive and you should win. Thanks everybody for participation. See you in next tournament.

Written by Hawkind.

Category: Reviews | Views: 514 | Added by: Hawkind
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In the 3d game guron forgot about upgrade for units with armor:D I had more horses and play attacking style too, but lost horses..

It's true, but i forgot about this) Anyway, Law was more aggressive in attack...

very interesting article)

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