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Main » 2011 » February » 6 » New Year's resolutions!
New Year's resolutions!

One and a half a year has passed when our modest company decided to organize first unofficial tournament in the game-strategy American Conquest version 1.50. For now on, two tournaments has finished successfully and I'm sure, participants wait for a next one, which should be more entertaining and indicative. Just because, there will be not two, but four players and undoubtedly greater than one front (what we saw in almost all 1v1 battles). Furthermore, the championship should become more challenging because skills of the top players won't be enough for win, there are a lot more other factors of success when you play in teams. What are they? We will see... In this case, you should be anxious about not only economy and troops control but also something else, what your mind could think of(I mean creativity). Well, there is slightly less than a month left when the next tournament starts so participants have time to choose their team-mate and think out some tactics for further games. Wish you luck with that. (smile)

It is senseless to write something about previous "New Year" tournament because all matches was reviewed by Hawkind with all features and details of the games. Just what can I add that players become more active and also the amount of visitors of the website has impressively increased. Furthermore, Rasim decided to become our sponsor, so the tournament had a prize fund. Hopefully, we collect enough quantity of money to make a prize fund in the next tournament as well. Also, as you can see, we add some features to this website, for instance, participants applications, chat, and so on. We aren't poor with ideas so we will add some other stuff from time to time. So far so good. Keep being active and enjoy the process!

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