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May the New Year come with all that the life has in store for you –
Joy, happiness, success and prosperity.

Happy New Year!
Views: 385 | Added by: Hawkind | Date: 31.12.2010 | Comments (1)

I want to inform about new things. Till tournament's start remains 6 days. On server is very small quantity of players and I think that it is caused by holidays. I hope that after New Year people will come back on server, so we could start "New Year" tournament.
At last we have written the Tournament's calendar. There you can see quantity of days on a stage. Official start is on January 5th. Also, today I arranged Interview with one player from Tournament. Very interesting interview!
Now about tournament. In previous tournament each pair had diffrent nations, but in this tournament we decided that in stage all pairs will play with same nations ( for example: In 1/8 all pa ... Read more »
Views: 468 | Added by: Hawkind | Date: 29.12.2010 | Comments (0)

I think that all who visit this site are interested about tournament carrying out, so i will tell some information and plans about forthcoming tournament.
We decided to make a tournament's calendar, where will be written quantity of days for stages. It will be done for you, so you could see how much days are given on the stage for play matches. Also it will help you find time for game with opponent. All stages will go under the schedule (next stage will start, when all matches will be played). This is done in order not to confuse with stages and games. Also you can ask questions to organizers. If you have any problems, better to tell about this to us, so we could solve the problem together.
Players will be interviewed by organizers of tournament. This is also important. We will see the attitude to tournament. The interviews will be taken before to ... Read more »
Views: 550 | Added by: Hawkind | Date: 01.12.2010 | Comments (0)

Last saturday clan GLC became 5 Years old. The clan leader ZA has called all G L C's mates on server to celebrate their fifth birthday. On server came approximately 18 players. One of them was legend on behalf of DrHorse from RUKA. Also came other strong players like PARIS, Law, TheRasim, Speeder etc. We played many games and had a very good time. In this evening were played the biggest number of games. Many G L C's mates still play. It would be great if all players participated in "New Year" tournament. At the moment on tournament are ready to play 13 players. But it is still necessary 3 more participants for 1/8. Anyway, all players (all kind of levels) are welcome in tournament. First of all it is delight from the game and fun. Here is some picture of this day. Good luck in games.
... Read more »
Views: 503 | Added by: Hawkind | Date: 30.11.2010 | Comments (3)

After debates we decided to change the day of the beginning of the second tournament due to inconvenience of first chosen starting date, which is approximately 24-25 nth of December. The thing is that it is time of winter celebrations like Christmas and New Year and the majority of participants won't have time for a silly game. So the new exact date of start is the 4 nth of January in 2011. Thank you for attention.

Views: 478 | Added by: elizabeth | Date: 09.11.2010 | Comments (0)

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