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Second tournament, also known as "New Year" Tournament, gathered a lot of good players and in the beginning of 1/8 was a tough fight. The hardest match was between FidelCastr0 and Electro. Result, as we remember, is 2:1. Almost all games were predictable, except up mentioned pair. Lets see what happened in other pairs!

In first pair Mihael and Achille was nothing special. Mihael is strong player and also a favourite in this tournament when Achille is medium level player. He knows how to build buildings, but don't have sense of war and unitcontrol. Only with one good economy you can't win.

In second pair FidelCastr0 and Electro was very tough fight as I said! First game won Electro with USA, second game won Fidel with Spain, but with Portugal stronger was Electro. Good match. Best in this stage.

In third pair Law and Gilan. Gilan is a good player with g ... Read more »
Views: 348 | Added by: Hawkind | Date: 16.01.2011 | Comments (2)

1st place - 30$
2nd place - 10$
3rd place - 5$

Remittance through Webmoney.

by the following tournament the size of fund will increase several times

Views: 326 | Added by: Rasim | Date: 11.01.2011 | Comments (3)

This mod (Hawks' DN Mod or HDN), which is played using "American Conquest - Divided Nation", focuses entirely on the American Civil War. HDN is mainly geared toward balancing and enhancing the gameplay for our own multiplayer historical battles, and also adds a lot of new content.

Views: 2697 | Added by: Rasim | Date: 08.01.2011 | Comments (0)

You can download American Conquest Divided Nation on this site :-)

Views: 420 | Added by: Rasim | Date: 08.01.2011 | Comments (0)

We added a scrolling line on forum. In scrolling line are announced all results of last matches.
We added on main page in menu "Archieve of Records". There are all kinds of records and also tournament records. You can add your records too, if you want smile
We added a chat where you can talk with each other. If you want to change nick in chat, just push on your nick in the list of members between chat(it is always named with silly nicks).
On main forum are created many topics(forum American Conquest & Technical). We made many things for you, so you could communicate with each other.
Thanks for attention!

Or ... Read more »

Views: 234 | Added by: Hawkind | Date: 06.01.2011 | Comments (2)


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