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The tournament is coming to the final stage. Yesterday was played last match in 1/2 where won DrHorse by 2:1. Games are interesting. You can watch them and see all by yourself. In the final there are two favorites: DrHorse and Mihael. Will Mihael defend his title or not? All wanted to see this match and it will happen soon. For the 3rd place will play Law and Rasim. In last tournament won Rasim with result 2:1.Will Law take revange? Soon we will see. All is ready to held final block. You can start matches for medals. Good luck all and have good battles.
Views: 326 | Added by: Hawkind | Date: 01.02.2011 | Comments (0)

The first finalist was determinated 2 days ago. Match between Mihael and Law finished with result 2:1 in Mihael's favor. Matches were tough. First game was very hord for Mihael and he lost there. Law upgraded horses better, than Mihael and it was hard to resist. In second game Mihael played more aggressive and won this game(poor that no records). In third game Law decided to play defensive tactic and allowed Mihael move his army where he wants. Mihael built fort and destroy many buildings. I can tell that it was easiest game in this match for Mihael.

Views: 330 | Added by: Hawkind | Date: 25.01.2011 | Comments (0)

Finished match between Electro and Mihael (aka [DRAGON]Warrior in past). In this game favourite was Mihael and he prooved it with win 2 to nothing(2:0). With Russia Mihael killed Electro easy. I think it is Electro's weak nation. He played like first time. With Holland game was better, but Mihael is more stronger in economy and unitcontrol, than Electro. I think that for Electro it was great example how need to play. Need more practise with good players! Good luck.
Views: 263 | Added by: Hawkind | Date: 18.01.2011 | Comments (0)

About 2 hours ago (21:00/ 17.01) was played second match between DrHorse and Elizabeth. Horse is very good player and undoubtely legend, but Eli isn't weak player as well. Horse again showed his skills and various abilities with Russia and Holland. He win without any serious difficulties. For Elizabeth those games showed that there is wide range to improve playing with the Doctor. Good rush from DrHorse left no chance for Elizabeth. Another calm and confident win by DrHorse beating Elizabeth out of the box with 2:0 score. Good luck in next round. Thanks for attention!
Views: 338 | Added by: Hawkind | Date: 17.01.2011 | Comments (6)

Already is played match between Guron and Law. Players are very strong and their is level appropriately the same. In first tournament this pair played for the 3rd place and also result was 2:1, where won Law. Now they met in 1/4 and unfortunately we didn't became witnesses of revenge. Guron lost 2:1 to Law and for him this tournament ends (Also you can see records of this match. They are in Archive of Records). Now Law is waiting for another opponent. Perhaps it'll be Mihael, but he still need to win Electro smile Good luck all.
Views: 265 | Added by: Hawkind | Date: 17.01.2011 | Comments (0)


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